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We are the professional blowers manufacturers which mainly offer turbo blowers, industrial high pressure blowers and oil mist collectors. If you are interested in our products, please contact us, we will quickly reply.

The function of wind regulating disc:
Wind regulating disc can be equipped with the inlet of turbo blower to regulate the air volume.

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CX Turbo Blower CX-1/4
CX-1/41/4HP / 0.18KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-1/2
CX-1/21/2HP / 0.4KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-1
CX-11HP / 0.75KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-2
CX-22HP / 1.5KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-3
CX-33HP / 2.2KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-5
CX-55HP / 3.7KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-7.5
CX-7.57.5HP / 5.5KW
CX Turbo Blower CX-10
CX-1010HP / 7.5KW