Industrial Air Blower Manufacturer and Supplier

Serve-Well (Long-Good) is the manufacturers and suppliers of industrial high pressure blowers. We also offer various kinds of oil mist collectors, turbo blowers. If you are interested in our blowers, look forward to your contact.

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High Pressure Blower

Serve-Well is the business of high-pressure blower developing, designing well as manufacturing. Professional high pressure blowers manufacturer. We design different types of specification include single phase and three phase. The standard LONG-GOOD high-pressure blower is driven by the Grade two engine of the TEFC IP54 Grade F insulation.

Oil Mist Collector

Serve-Well is one of oil mist collectors suppliers in Taiwan. We provide vertical model and horizontal model with low noise, rigid, durable, reliable, easy maintenance and top quality.

CXB Turbo Blower

High Efficiency Oil Mist Collector

High Precision Oil Mist Filter