Oil Mist Collector


Features Of Oil Mist Collector

OMC - Features

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OMC - Features
Main Application Range
The oil mist collector is suitable for CNC lathe, CNC machining center etc., which is equipped with airtight processing space to collect the oil mist & toxic vapor.

Machinery Factory
Punching Factory
Preserved Fruit Factory
Ceramic Factory
Turbo Power Plant
Discharge Processing Factory
Glass finishing Factory
Petrochemical Processing

Feature list:

      1. Low Vibration Frequency, No Effecting Main Engine
        A vertical model main engine using aerodynamics principle, vibration is vanished of the action upward. Operating oil collector causes no effect on the main engine.
      2. Low Noise
        Driven directly by LONG-GOOD low noise engine. Streamline shape designed internal wall makes wind resistance less and low noise.
      3. Effective Filtering, Less Energy Needed
        High wind volume (15m3/min) exhales oil mist quickly. Two-step designed filter. Stainless filter (first-step) filters most cutting oil mist. Remaining oil mist sticking to the inner parts enable filter (second-step) to perform more.
      4. No Oil, No Pollution
        Using oil-resistant sealing on connect points, no worry of oil mist leaking. Blades contact no internal parts while spinning, no lubricating oil needed. Guaranteed no oil needed.
      5. Rigid & Durable
        Body and impeller made of aluminum alloy, once iron shavings and foreign matters enters, it will throw the foreign matters away from the turning center without damaging the machine body, which is more rigid and durable than other sheet-metal ones.
      6. Reliable and Easy Maintenance
        Except blades, LONG-GOOD oil mist collector is so reliable that it hardly needs any repairs. Axis sealing between engine and oil mist collector blocks no articles from entering.
      7. Top Quality
        With Serve-Well's 25- year of experience and strict quality control, all parts reach top quality demands. Function testing is done on "Every" oil mist collector in factory.


OMC - Features
    1. Filtering & collecting
    2. Residual vapor outlet
    3. Non-woven air filter net
    4. Second step oil drainage
    5. Suction entrance
    6. Motor
    7.Fan blades
    8. Side greave
    9. Locking knob
    10.Stainless stell filter unit


Selection For Suitable Models And Equipments
Choose the type of mother machine you need in accordance with the internal space of machine or oil and mist contained in air. Inspect the machine and locate proper suction inlet, then follow one of the following installations suitable for the machine you have.
May be installed above machine. Oil mist in mother machine sucked out directly from the bottom of oil collecting box.
Installed above machine. Oil mist quickly sucked out through side pipe of machine.


OMC - Features 
OMC - Features



Remarks for Installation

    1. White iron filtering net should be placed 250mm from machine's shooting point. Also ensure no cutting mist or article be sucked in. (Wind volume of each filter is 13m3/min)
    2. For airtight type, 3-4.5m3/min of wind volume is required every 0.1 square meter.
    3. Large-sized airtight type turned on and off often and changes breath 6-10 times/min. Therefore, position of suction inlet is considered very important. Minor air may have adequate suction effect needed.
    4. Guiding tube should remain straight. Drain pipe (oil exhaust pipe) be connected to oil box to be recycled.
      Guiding tube end should not be plugged into surface of water (oil).
    5. For users of large volume of oil shooting and airtight machine, an extra oil sludge separator may be required if poor filtering effect happens to oil mist collector or oil sludge leaks from filtering outlet during second-step filtering. Special construction of oil sludge separator causes oil mist to form a tornado. Spinning oil gas hits inner wall causing oil sludge sticking to inner wall, then sliding along inner wall into mother machine. With transportation ability of high wind volume and pressure of oil mist collector, hitting of oil gas increased as well as better filtering effect.

Choosing equipments

      You may choose from the following selection:
    1. Caster:Casters may be installed on horizontal model to be more active.
    2. Air cover:Install air cover on plastic tubes connected to horizontal model to exhaust harmful oil fume. Suitable for processing equipment of open model.
    3. Oil sludge separator:Especially suitable tefor oil cutting machine with poor filtering effect from oil mist collector, oil sludge separator may filr residual oil.