Ring Blower


The Mechanical Structure

The Mechanical Structure 
    1. Vacuum pump / Compressor cover
    2. Impeller
    3. Inner bearing cover
    4. Deep-groove ball bearing
    5. Vacuum pump / Compressor housing
    6. Motor
    7. Mounting plate
    8. Sealing disc
    9. Silencer insert
    10. Silencer housing
    11. Suction / Discharge flange

The standard LONG-GOOD high-pressure blower is driven by the Grade two engine of the TEFC IP54 Grade F insulation.

It takes use of the seal dust-proof design between the fan blade and the axle to expand the life span.

The fan blades are designed specially to prevent the dust from jamming when it is running and lead to trouble, because the gap between the fan blades and the body of the blower is narrowed, while the products of other brands are multi-angular and wide that cause trouble easily.

Outer Cover
The outer cover is made of multi-wings aluminum heat-elimination cover, it can eliminate the heat quickly to strengthen the engine operation efficiency. The body of the blower and the cover of the engine are cast separately.

Sound Absorber
There are sound absorbers on both the spiting outlet and suction inlet to decrease the noise.

Basic Parts
Flange on the outlet and inlet.

Alternative Parts:
It is installed in the drawing hole to prevent the articles (such as screw) from entering as well as to filter the dust.

High Pressure Blower

Comparison of Impeller

Comparison of Impeller