Ring Blower


Important Points For Operating

Model LG - For the purpose of breakdown reduction and power saving, there is a direct proportion between its pressure and electric current. Please enlarge the section area of inlet and outlet ducts as much as possible or use the reducing valve.
A. Exhaustion of Air - Installation of a large filter on the inlet end should be made.

    1. The total section area of outlet hole should be 1/2 larger than the outlet section area of blower.
    2. If sending air under water, the depth of water should be under the maximum pressure value of 70﹪on catalogue.
    3. If it is used to send air under pressure, the exhaust temperature due to air friction is normally 10°C higher than constant temperature, therefore, it should be used on steel pipe over 1 M long.

B. Suction of Air - Installation of a muffler may be made.

    1. Total section area of suction hole should be 1/2 larger than inlet section area of blower.
      Ps. Easy way to clean the filter:Turn on the autorotation joint of the filter, clear the dirty or dust by the spray gun or brush, then turn it back for immediately use.

Ambient Temperature and humidity should meet the following conditions:

    1. There phase - 10 - 40°C
    2. Single phase - 5 ~ 40°C
    3. Select site with good ventilation and less dust and humidity.
    4. Please note especially that open type motor has less dust and humidity proof.
    5. Please use umbrella when installation is made on an open space.

Methods of Installation:

    Secure the installation with screw on leveling and hard foundation or base. Standard basic weight is generally about 3 times of blower. If the base is uneven, the blower stand may be deformed during fixing of screw.
    It is therefore that special attention should be made to install additional vibration control unit to reduce its noise.


    In case of free gas intake please fix an additional iron wire mesh to prevent from penetration of risky object or foreign substance.Blower is normally designed to make bearing on axial leveling position. When suction inlet is upward or downward during application, the weight of impeller and rotor shaft are added on one side bearing to enlarge over load and thus reducing life of bearing. Please contact our business department first when vertical site is used.


    1. Try to connect pipes directly on blower in conformity with center as possible and must be without applying any tension of the blower.
    2. If vibration joint etc. is used on duct hose, it may be connected may prevent from conduction of vibration.
    3. Please do not add any weight of pipes on flange of blower.
    4. Please use the flexible joint to conduct hot air to avoid the effect of thermal expansion.
    5. Please apply toward the direction of blower to avoid sudden shrinkage, enlargement or bending etc.

Notes For Pipe Assembling

    1. The area of the air outlet may not smaller than the 50% of the area of the outlet of the blower.
    2. If the engine is overheated when operating, please open the gas emission valve or increase emission hole.
    3. We suggest that there should be two blowers for alternative use when you should operate the blower for 24 hours so as to prolong the lifespan.

Place For Installation
The blower can be installed in any direction, please note that the surface of the engine should be upside when it is vertically or slant installed.


May not install the blower on the shocking articles.


    1. The system rated voltage and frequency The record value same as those indicated on the rating plate.
    2. Voltage variance should be kept within + 5% of a rated voltage, + 10% is sometime used, but it is better not to use as its voltage is too big and is liable to be broken down.
    3. Due to blower has no over load heat protection fixture, it is unable to control heat. Therefore, please install overload protective magnetic switch of same horsepower and safe current is adjusted below same value of nameplate.
    4. Select enough thickness of electric wire according to horse power of motor and electric working methods in ccordance with European Union Safety information can be obtained from such as: EN60204-1 ; EN60034 ; EN292 ; EN294 ; IEE Wiring regulations Particular industries and countries have further safety requirements.Refer to their trade & safety bodies.
    5. Check direction of rotation
      Turn on the switch for a while (twinkling) after completion of line connecting t check its rotation direction and noiseless. The arrow on blower indicates rotation direction. If rotation direction is wrong such as turning into 3 phase, just replace any 2 lines of 3 electric wires.
    6. Grounding
      Please install earth lines to prevent from electric leakage accident.


    1. Part of blower
      Overload will be happened when it is completely closed.
    2. Avoid turn switch on and off repeatedly within one minute so as leading overheat of motor. Control on frequency changer. When frequency changer is used, power supply ripple is distorted, motor noise is loud, and vibration is big too. When using frequency changer for ooperation if leading to rise of temperature or vibration, please stop operation.Please use it under following terms and conditions.
      • Maximum frequency (RPM)
        Must be kept within frequency as indicated and within rated amperage.
      • Minimum frequency (RPM)
        Must be kept over 30 Hz, and within a rated amperage.
      • A single-phase motor can not be used to operate a frequency changer.

Connected Of Blowers