Ring Blower

The feature of LONG-GOOD blower is :

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Energy Loss
  • Easy Assembly
  • Good Reliability
  • Low Shocking Motion
  • Low Noise
  • Solid Structure
  • No Oil
  • No Pollution
  • Use In Various Field
  • Highest Quality


The LONG-GOOD blower is of following performances under the advanced design and strict quality control:

  1. Strong Wind-force-maximum 1200 m³/hr
  2. High Vacuum -maximum 3500mmAq
  3. High Pressure -maximum 5000mmAq
  4. Stable Flow Volume
  5. Low Energy Loss

The LONG-GOOD blower has designed relatively conservative to make it operate safely when the operation circumstance changed, and it can be used for blowing, spewing, and drawing. The LONG-GOOD high pressure blower design can be installed in place for pressing or drawing the air at any time, it can be installed horizontally or vertically. There are no other shifting parts on LONG-GOOD high-pressure blower except the impeller, and the impeller connects directly with the engine toothless gear or it is driven by the transmission strap. It is reliable and it is hardly needed repair. High mechanic precision makes the shocking motion slightly, the revolution parts are designed precisely and have passed the balance test and adjustment, therefore the rate of the shocking is low. It is driven by LONG-GOOD low noise engine. Both the outlet and the inlet are equipped with a built-in silencer to reduce noises during operation. The body of the blower is made of aluminum or milling alloy, it is different from those made of the iron base, it is much more durable. The fan blade won’t to touch any parts when it is running and need not lubrication so as to prevent the oil completely. According to the different needs of customers to choose different voltage specifications. There are strong wind-force series and high wind-pressure series of the LONG-GOOD high-pressure blower, it is easy and flexible. It is a tight design. With 20 years experiences in manufacturing and its strict quality control, all of the parts manufactured by SERVE-WELL can reach the highest quality request, besides, each blower should have operation test before turned out in order to assure its performance.

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High Pressure Blowers LG-006
LG-006A1/8HP / 0.06kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-106
LG-1061/6HP / 0.09kW
LG-106A1/6HP / 0.09kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-2068
LG-20681/2HP / 0.4kW
LG-2068A1/2HP / 0.4kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-3068
LG-30681HP / 0.8kW
LG-3068A1HP / 0.8kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-5068
LG-50682HP / 1.75kW
LG-5068A2HP / 1.75kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-6068
LG-60683HP / 2.2kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-7068
LG-70685HP / 3.7kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-8068
LG-80687-1/2HP / 5.5kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-9068
LG-906810HP / 7.5kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-1506
LG-150615HP / 11kW
High Pressure Blowers LG-2006
LG-200620HP / 15kW