LGD Oil Mist Collector

Serve-Well (Long-Good) is one of the oil mist collectors suppliers in Taiwan. We provide the vertical model and horizontal model with low noise, rigid, durable, reliable, easy maintenance, and top quality.
Serve-well Enterprise has innovated and developed the LGD series oil mist collector, with exclusive design of quadrangular fume filter. The filtering effect has been greatly improved. Compared with the general circular filter, our newly developed oil mist collector has a larger cross-section area, which can make the filtering effect be several times higher than the other products on the market, and show the excellent innovative energy of Serve-well. The product has obtained invention patents and new patents.
The newly developed LGD oil mist collector, with fume filter, can achieve higher efficiency, longer service, filtering efficiency to meet the changeable production conditions of various factories.
The company defines the precision of the largest particle of smoke below 0.05μm, vaporizes the micron particles, and filters efficiently. It is worth mentioning that the precision oil mist vaporization separator is a unique new design in the world.

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High Efficiency Oil Mist Collector LGD-350
High Efficiency Oil Mist Collector LGD-250
High Efficiency Oil Mist Collector LGD+S-380