Trouble-shooting for oil mist collector
Troubles Possible Cause
Impeller does not turn
  • 1. One phase of line not connected.
  • 2. One Phase of stator winding open.
  • 3. Bearings defective.
  • 4. Impeller jammed by foreign material.
  • 5. Impeller jammed against housing or cover.
  • 6. Two phases of power line not connected.
  • 7. Two phases of stator winding open.
Electrical circuit overload The amperage is over that the wire can handle.
Incoreect allocation of soft pipe dead space, oil accumulation ,oil leak , snap.
Unnormal oil-collection Oil returning pipe jammed , dead space. collect oil.
Inefficient suction Space problem, wrong direction, filter jammed, incorrect  pipe allocation,  piping dead corner.
Inefficient filter Oil and fume problem.
Excessive saturation and spout Caused by oil &water suction.
Acoustic resonance Incorrect pipe allocation or sheet metal is too thin.

Trouble-shooting for blower