Application for air suction are applied to air suction pump, punching machine, printing machine, industrial use sewing machine, stapling machine, automatic packing machine, hose knitting machine, etc.

Application Graphic-For Air Suction

Punching Machine

The wastepaper can be collected in the straining box.

Printing Machine

After the paper is printed at a high speed, it need to be speeded down before collected, and this machine can keep the paper on the reduction roll easily.

Printing Machine

Capable of fixing the paper so that the printing can be performed smoothly and the paper won’t be in a mess.

Industrial Use Sewing Machine

Capable of collecting the leftovers of the threads automatically when the industrial use sewing machine is in operation.

Stapling Machine

Capable of keeping the books in order when the stapling machine is cutting the books.

Automatic Packing Machine

Capable of collecting the scrap of the adhesive tape.

Hose Knitting Machine

With the suction force, the blower can keep the hose in the correct direction so as to prevent the knotting or uneven knitting.


The blower can strengthen the thread as well as collect the thread tails.

Food Processed Machine

Capable of making the food flavored when the food is soaked in a processed machine in vacuum.

Capable of Transferring The Particles

Using in transferring the rice, wheat, bean, powder, the residue of the bean curd, almond and the fried cake.

Layer Die Casting Machine

With its stable suction force, the blower can take off the excess air from the surface before casting.

Using In The Constructive Site

Capable of blowing off the dust or the poisonous air in the narrow part of the tunnel or the constructive site.

Dustless Room

The blower can be used in the production line that requires extremely clean surrounding or stays away from the poisonous chemicals so as to refresh the air.

Welding Machine

Capable of eliminating the smoke, heat and gas produced by welding.

Cloth Press

The blower can suck the steam produced by the press and guide it go through the pad.

Capable of drying up the water drop

The blower can be used in water to supply the oxygen..