Serve-Well (Long-Good) is one of the professional blowers companies in Taiwan. Our high pressure blowers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as incinerator, gas furnace, the transferring of the small particles, die casting machine, plating bath, etc.

Application Graphic-For Air Supply


Capable of facilitating the incineration and speeding up the air discharge.

Gas Furnace

Capable of discharging the air with the help of the high pressure air and transforming the fuel into tiny molecules.

The Transferring of The Small Particles

Using in transferring the particle of the materials through the air, such as the particles of the plastic and polyethylene. The way of sucking the particles through the air is also possible.

Die Casting Machine

Capable of taking off the processed products from the mold.

Plating Bath

Transfer the air to the plating bath to get rid of the bubbles coming with the electrolyte so as to achieve high quality plating.

Make Artificial Manure with The Fermentative Animal Muck

Supply the air to the bacterium to make it fermented earlier.

The instant Noodle Processing Production Line

The warm wind can eliminate the oil from the noodle.

To Supply The Air To The Farming Pool

Capable of supplying the oxygen which is taken from the water.

Bottle Waster

Capable of drying the water drops from the bottles after washed.

Transfer The Rice Hull

Capable of transferring the dropping wheat with the air when the rotary valve is in operation.

Dry up The Paper of The Printer

Capable of drying up the paper after printed so as not to dirty the floor when the paper move following the guide plate.

Clean Tanker

Used to stir the deposit or in water treatment factory to make the shallow clean.

Automatic Knitter

With its strong tension force , it can knit the materials as well as collect the an easier way.

Medical Bathtub

The bubble in the tub is good for human health; it can be used in hospital and restaurant.


Capable of blowing off the pottery clay when the rotating brush is cleaning the surface of the mold of the tile.

Dey Up The Electronic Plate With THe Air

Capable of blowing off the tiny dust and water drop from the circuit board in the electronic industry.

※ For special sizes LG-206SP,LG-306SP applied for textile machinery, please contact our Sales Department.