Industrial Vacuum Blower Manufacturers

With the brand of "LONG-GOOD", Serve-well has not only manufactured high-efficiency and multi-functional Ring blower and Turbo blower, but also developed CX-E series of Turbo blower with large air flow. CX-E series has many characteristics, such as small volume, large air flow, fast speed, low noise, energy saving, high efficiency motor with IE3, aluminum materials, strong structure and light weight, mandrel with oil seal, preventing liquid and dust from entering the motor. It has obtained UL, CE and many other certifications.
The blower is widely used. At present, Serve-well has dozens of self-made products, and 100% of them are self-developed. Due to the continuous accumulation of experience, the product specifications not only surpass other brands of the same kind, but also provide customized requirements according to the use scenarios of customers.
Serve-well has accumulated decades of manufacturing experience and strictly controlled the product quality. Before leaving factory, each blower has to go through many running tests and data records of precision instruments, and use two-dimensional code scanning to track all its manufacturing processes. Looking forward to the future, Serve-well R & D team will continue to strive for perfection, invest in R & D and upgrading technology, continue to provide OEM / ODM services for customers, and move forward with customers.